Process Papers

The Lewis County Sheriff’s Office serves the following types of papers:

  • Subpoenas

  • Civil Rule

  • Condemnation Summons

  • Probate Court Rule

  • Order/Notion/Motion

  • Civil Summons

  • Disability Court Rule

  • Attorney Subpoenas

  • Garnishments

  • Order by the Court

NOTE: Civil Summons, Alias Civil Summons are $40

  • Revenue Commission

  • Jury Summons

  • Rule Against Garnishment

  • Personal Service

  • Notice of a Hearing

  • Miscellaneous

Here is some specific information for some of the most type papers served:
This Unit receives many court orders directing the Sheriff to evict people from their residential or commercial property or to seize items of personal property to satisfy delinquent debt.
Warrants & Emergency Protective Orders (EPO’s)
The Sheriff’s Office is responsible for serving Emergency Protective Orders, Domestic Violence Warrants and Warrants sent to Lewis County from other Kentucky counties.
Warrants / Summons
If you have a complaint against another party and would like to take out an Arrest Warrant, or you need a summons for the party to appear in court, you must first file a complaint at the County Attorney’s Office.
After that, a judge will decide if it is worthy of a Warrant or a Summons and order the appropriate law enforcement agency to find, serve and/or arrest the offending party.
What is an Emergency Protective Order (EPO)?
An EPO is an order issued by the court to provide protection from future acts of violence. If you or someone you know is feeling threatened, in need of help, or just simply in need of information on EPO’s, call our office at (606) 796-2912
After an EPO is filed, a judge will decide whether to issue it and then order the Sheriff’s Office to serve the Emergency Protective Order on the respondent.